Mission, Passions and Dreams

Our mission at Ebeling & Associates Literary Agency is to work with individuals whose desire is to create positive change for the world. Together with you, we promote work that encourages and motivates people to find their passions and fulfill their dreams.

As a seasoned literary agency, we have over 18 years experience in the publishing industry. Ebeling & Associates represents a wide range of commercial non-fiction, with particular strengths in prescriptive non-fiction including health and wellness, spirituality, psychology, self-help/personal growth, business and marketing. The agency also acquires genres such as environment/”green” books, parenting, pop culture, sports, recovery, women’s issues, pets, travel, humor, inspiration, memoir, current affairs, science, and narrative and serious non-fiction.


Literary Representation and Publishing Consulting for nonfiction books. From representing your book to publishers and writing and editing of competitive book proposals to developing detailed promotion plans for your book and connecting you with the publishing experts intrinsic to your success, our literary agency understands the how, when, and where of developing a successful literary career.

Author Platform Development. Ebeling & Associates assists authors in building their platform – may include developing a comprehensive strategy involving branding, website and e-newsletter development, speaking engagements, media, social networking and other platform building techniques.

Affiliate Marketing. We emphasize building relationships to develop your career, literary and otherwise. Our agency can help you make the connections and establish relationships that build your career and set your books up for success.


Ebeling & Associates shares our expertise in business development, book marketing, public relations, branding, concept development and positioning with our clients. Creative dynamic team members inspire enthusiasm and build on your passions for your work to maximize your success.

Your projects, dreams and intentions are important and we will guide you every step of the way. Together, we look forward to making the world a better and brighter place to live!